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Anna-Lisa Lindén

Anna-Lisa Linden

Professor emerita

Anna-Lisa Lindén

Integrated Product Policy. A case study of Batteries.


  • Anna-Lisa Lindén
  • Annika Carlsson-Kanyama

Summary, in English

A variety of actors are involved throughout the lifecycle of a product. The lifecycle starts at the designer’s table, continues with the use of raw materials, processing, transportation, consumption, waste management and recycling. The increasing complexity of product chains is an argument for analysing actors and policy instruments throughout the lifecycle of products. Actors in this analysis are all persons or corporations deciding upon the fate of the product at any stage of its lifecycle. The policy instruments included refer to well-known measures like information, economic and administrative measures or physical improvements. The theoretical part of the study takes its starting-point in discussing governance and the role of policy instruments from vertical and horizontal perspectives, which influence actors’ decisions and behaviour during the lifecycle of a product.

The empirical part of the study analyses:

- the use of policy instruments addressed to actors involved in the lifecycle of batteries. Policy instruments are involved to hinder or solve environmental problems during phases of design, production, distribution, consumption, waste management and recycling.

- to what extent policy instruments affect actors’ behaviour. The analysis includes the interaction between actors during the lifecycle of a product in terms of their pro- or counter- productive role to improve environmental efficiency.


  • Sociologi








  • Sociology (excluding Social Work, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology)


  • integrated product policy
  • policy instruments
  • batteries
  • sociology
  • globalisation
  • sociologi

Conference name

7th European Sociological Association Conference, 2005

Conference date

2005-09-09 - 2005-09-13

Conference place

Torun, Poland




  • FLIPP-Furthering Life Cycle Considerations Through Integrated Product Policy


  • Sustainability and Development Studies