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Tullia Jack har disputerat

Tullia Jack har försvarat sin avhandling i ämnet sociologi med avhandlingen "Negotiating Conventions: cleanliness, sustainability and everyday life" idag, 19 december klockan 13 i Palaestras hörsal i Lund.

Fakultetsopponent var professor Alan Warde, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester.

Abstract (utdrag):

Cleanliness has seen a rapid increase in both developed and developing countries, along with a parallel rise in not only water and energy but also cleaning products consumed. Water and energy supply as well as dealing with waste are environmentally critical in securing a sustainable future. This dissertation aims to contribute to sustainability by providing new insights around how conventions change or stay stable. This knowledge will be useful in intervening and shifting conventions in more sustainable directions.

Cleanliness is a mundane issue, yet stills play a leading role in everyday life, quietly using water, energy and people’s time and has been increasing in Sweden since at least the 1980s. I argue that the media is part of this, not as a casual factor, but rather as a reflector and amplifier of various cleanliness practices. Media represent cleanliness, or hyper-cleanliness, as ideal while deviations are presented as shameful or even medical problems. These potentially oppressive representations are, however, not naïvely accepted in everyday life, but rather calibrated as it is common knowledge that magazines show over-hyped perfection, but also criticised and resisted.

Cleanliness is context driven and relational, so this dissertation argues that unsustainable increases in cleanliness that have led to intensifying water and energy consumption could be reversed by changing cleanliness conventions.
Investigating cleanliness conventions is important in understanding how resource consuming practices are shared and reproduced.

This dissertation provides new insights into ways that media plays into how cleanliness conventions, and ways that people relate to – and resist – representations in everyday life are useful considerations when designing interventions into current collective conventions to steer everyday life in more sustainable directions.

Huvudhandledare och ordförande vid disputationen var Lisa Eklund, Sociologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet.

Handledare: Christofer Edling, Sociologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet.

Betygskommitén bestod av:

  • Professor Inge Røpke, Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transitions, Aalborg University Copenhagen
  • Professor Anna-Lisa Lindén, Sociologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet.
  • Docent Christian Fuentes, Institutionen för service management och tjänstevetenskap, Lunds universitet

Tullia Jacks profil i Lunds universitets forskningsportal

Avhandlingen: Negotiating Conventions: cleanliness, sustainability and everyday life

    Tullia Jack

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    Prisbelönt och angelägen grundbok om arbetslivet ute nu

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    Tullia Jack har disputerat

    Tullia Jack har disputerat

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