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The Division of Education

The Department of Sociology holds three subjects in one building. Educational studies is one of them.
Studies in education at the Department of Sociology concern the interaction of individual(s) and environment, and the conditions for learning/teaching, knowledge, and development.

Through studying education, we can get an understanding of our own and others’ development in educational settings, working life, and leisure time. There is a demand for pedagogical skills in a range of different fields.

The following are potential questions that you can come across when studying education:

  • What kind of knowledge do we need to acquire today, in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges?
  • What are the best preconditions for learning and knowledge development – for different individuals and groups, and in different contexts?
  • How can we improve an organization with the help of education or other interventions for development?
  • What role does the multicultural society play for child and youth development?
  • Can we learn how to be good leaders?
  • Why should educational interventions be evaluated – and how can they be evaluated?

Educational Research at the Department

Our research interests and activities cover a broad range of aspects:

  • Educational theory, philosophy of education, and history of educational ideas;
  • research on school and teacher education, with special focus on evaluation, digital technologies, rhetoric in pedagogy, and the privatization and marketization of education;
  • working life and education, adult education, and popular adult education, with special focus on learning, skills development, and leadership, as well as intercultural learning environments;
  • globalization in education and comparative education, with special focus on transnational educational policy, governance, and knowledge transfer, as well as international education for development.

Theoretical and empirical studies in education are conducted on both macro and micro levels, and use both qualitative and quantitative methods.


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Courses in Education at the department:

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