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New editors of the Nordic Journal of Criminology

Portrait Sébastien Tutenges and Susanne Boethius. Photo.

Associate Professor Sébastien Tutenges and Researcher Susanne Boethius of the Department of Sociology at Lund University are Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor of the Nordic Journal of Criminology since the turn of the year.

Looking forward to the new job!

In an interview for The Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK), the new Editor-in-Chief Sébastien Tutenges says he very much looks forward to all the reading that his new responsibility requires.

– Being the editor of NJC allows me to read lots of brand new research from and about the Nordic countries. What a privilege! So what I am most eager to do is to sit down and read, sip coffee, stare out of the window, and read some more.

Tutenges is also looking forward to the job of trying to improve good research and making it available to the world and says he also appreciates that new co-editor of NJC, Susanne Boethius, an expert on survey methods and domestic violence, comes with a set of different interests and skills than his own.

– I think we complement each other well.

Sébastien Tutenges also talks about what can be seen as significant for Nordic criminolgy and also about NJC as a meeting point, a place to detect new trends.

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The first issue of Nordic Journal of Criminology with Sébastien Tutenges as Editor-in-Chief will be released early spring 2022.

About The Nordic Journal of Criminology

The Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC), previously the Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention (JSSCCP), is an international, peer reviewed journal publishing original research articles in the field of criminology and crime prevention.

The journal provides a forum for criminological research across a wide range of perspectives and methodologies with priority given to Nordic research.

The journal is published with the support of the Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK, Nordiska Samarbetsrådet för Kriminologi) together with the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Crime Prevention Councils and the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy.

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