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Sociology: Modern classics

Advanced level Master course. 15 credits. Sociology. Spring.
Sociology: Modern classics, 15 credits (SOCN04)

The aim of the course is to provide students with specialised knowledge of the subject matter and theories of social anthropology and sociology through focusing on a cultural field of their choice and its associated issues, methods and theories of social anthropology and sociology.

The reading list is to inspire the participants to adopt a theoretical and analytical approach to different societal phenomena. The course deals with modern theories within sociology and social anthropology. The course provides students with an understanding and overview of modern currents of the social sciences as they are reflected in predominant discussions within the different disciplines. The focus is placed on texts highlighting globalisation, the importance of language, phenomenology, identity and historiography. The required reading is selected to represent texts that have developed theories and stimulated research of recent years. Some texts therefore illustrate how scholars argue against each another. In order to identify key aspects and encourage critical reflection, the course includes compulsory exercises in formulating problems and an independent project to be discussed at seminars.

The course participants can to a certain extent select texts from the reading list; the reading requirements allow the exclusion of two books

The course is a compulsory course within the master´s programme in Sociology SASCO and is also offered as a single subject course.

Schedule spring 2019
Syllabus in English
Syllabus in Swedish
Literature (valid from spring 2019)
Live@Lund (for admitted students)


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