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International Migration and Development

Undergraduate course. 15 credits. Sociology. Autumn.
SOCB27: Sociology: International Migration and Development.
(Sociologi: Internationell migration och samhällsutveckling)

The course examines the link between migration and development. A large share of the migration in the world goes from the periphery in the world system to core states. What are the causes of migration to the rich and wealthy states? How does migration affect the sending countries? How does the unequal relations between the countries in the world influence migration?

In this course you will also study migration on a micro-level, as an individual decision to move to another country, or as a family strategy in sending regions to increase income. Migrants send a large share of their income back to their families. How do these remittances affect communities in sending regions?

You will also study how social networks between sending and receiving countries drive migration and how states influences migration streams. The objective of the course is to give the ability to identify the causes of migration and how migration affects both sending countries and receiving countries. The course is given as a basic level course within sociology. Language of instruction is English.


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