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Social Anthropology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis

Advanced level Master Course. 30 credits. Social Anthropology.
SANM03, Social Anthropology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis,30 credits

The course aims to give advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in socialanthropology through specialisation in a specific problem area and the use of socialanthropological methods and theories. This course consists of writing a 30 creditsmaster ́s thesis that shall constitute an independent scientific contribution to a socialanthropological problem.

The student is entitled to supervision during the writing process. The supervisorprovides the student with advice and views on the design of the thesis project, butthe student is responsible for its completion. The period of supervision is limited to thesemester when the student first registered for the course. Exceptions are only possibleif there is a specific reason for this. The completed thesis is to be reviewed anddiscussed at a final seminar by a specially appointed critical reviewer.

The master ́s thesis is assessed at a final seminar where reviewer and examinerparticipate. To complete the course it is also required that the student function as acritical reviwer of another master ́s thesis.

Department of Sociology
Lund University
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