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Sociology: Master's (Two years) Thesis

Advanced level Master Course. 30 credits. Sociology.
SOCM04, Sociology: Master's (Two years) Thesis, 30 credits

The aim of the course is to provide students with advanced knowledge of sociologicaltheory and research methods and a good ability to participate in research anddevelopment or work in other qualified contexts

The main component of the course is the student's' composition of a master ́s thesis.Major emphasis is placed on the student's ability to independently identify andformulate a sociological problem and actively follow the development and research inthe field of enquiry. The courses ends with final seminars, where the master ́s thesis isdefended and each student critically review a fellow student's thesis.

The assessment is mainly based on the quality of the finished master ́s thesis, but alsoto some extent on the student’s thesis defense and critical review of a fellowstudent’s thesis.



Department of Sociology
Lund University
Visiting address: Sandgatan 11, House G, Lund
Postal address: Box 114 , SE-221 00 LUND, SWEDEN
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