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Social Anthropology: Ethnographic Fieldwork

Advanced level Master course. 15 credits. Social Anthropology. Autumn.
Social Anthropology: Ethnographic Fieldwork, 15 credits (SANN14)
Socialantropologi: Etnografiskt fältarbete, 15 hp

The course is included in semester 3 of the Master of Science programme in Social Anthropology (SASAN, 120 credits) and is also offered as an elective course.
Language of instruction: English


The aim of the course is to carry out an extended fieldwork in conjunction with the Master's degree project. During the course, the student is to analyse the theoretical and practical aspects of the fieldwork. The subject and area of the fieldwork are to be chosen in consultation with the course director.

The course consists of an independently executed ethnographic fieldwork. The aim of the fieldwork is to provide data for the Master's degree project. Among the activities included in the course, students are to to analyse epistemological questions based on ethnography, historical perspectives and other current social sciences specialisations and themes.

Literature List and Syllabus

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