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Press and media enquiries, the Department of Sociology in Lund

Sociology and social anthropology can be applied in many social science areas to analyse for instance social structures, relations and actions, or identities in society, in groups, and in individuals.

Our department's expertise includes environmental and developmental issues, school and education, governance and control, criminology and social policy. Power relations and social cleavages, especially those based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality and social class are the focus of much of the department's research.

Journalists looking for an academic to provide an expert comment or background on a story, please search by topic and feel free to contact the listed researchers. You can also contact head of research Mikael Klintman concerning topics not listed.

For high resolution photos of the department's researching staff, please webbredaktor [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: Media%20enquiries) (contact the Department's web editor) or the researcher.


  • Veronika Burcar Alm – young people's experiences of violence and threats
  • Henriette Frees Esholdt – why violent Islamist extremism attracts young people
  • Johan Sandberg – effects of retracting study allowances from Swedish high school students
  • David Wästerfors – young people’s experiences of incarceration, school and violence in detention homes; gaming among disabled youths


  • Bo Isenberg – class, social differentiation, social stratification, segregation





(Sociology of) Emotions

  • Lisa Flower – emotion management in the Swedish courtroom
  • David Wästerfors – emotions in relation to scandals and violence; emotional attractions of critizens’ crime interests

Energy and Society

  • Katinka Johansen – post-normal science, energy planning, energy policy and EIA processes (Environmental Impact Assessments) in Denmark


  • Linn Alenius Wallin – step-relations, families of choice, bonus-grandparenting
  • Veronika Burcar Alm – sibling violence
  • Lisa Eklund – abortion policy; parental support in Sweden
  • Sara Eldén – children's perspective in child care relationships; Intergenerational care; private child care market
  • Tova Höjdestrand – family policy, pro-family social movements
  • Marie Larsson – contraceptives; reproductive work; intimate relationships
  • Åsa Lundqvist – welfare state and family relations; parenting support policies; activation policies

Feminist Theory

Geographical Regions



  • Indonesia - Axel Fredholm: Popular participation and local democracy
  • China - Lisa Eklund: Shortage of women in China, population issues
  • Myanmar - Liv Gaborit: Prisons in the global south
  • Russia - Tova Höjdestrand: Family life; homelessness; conservatism; nationalism
  • Russia - Christopher Swader: Russian society, social change in Russia, social values in Russia


Middle East

  • Israel/Palestine - Nina Gren: The occupied territories
  • The Middle East - Jaleh Taheri: Women's participation in the work force




  • Ron Eyerman – collective identity and collective memory
  • Colm Flaherty – meaning and identity within voluntary groups
  • Bo Isenberg – individualisation, collective identity
  • Uzma Kazi – identity formations of Muslims in Sweden


Medicine and Health

  • Shai Mulinari – pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical industry; medical research and social categories


  • Olle Frödin – labour migration
  • Nina Gren – refugees in Sweden
  • Anders Kjellberg – labour migration in the restaurant and cleaning industries
  • Mai Lundemark – migration/integration, trade union representation of migrants in Denmark
  • Johan Sandberg – role of migrant organizations in labour market integration
  • Priscilla Solano – migration-driven humanitarian assistance; refugee camps; human rights
  • Simon Turner –refugee camps, transnational/diaspora politics

Military Sociology

  • Håkan Silverup -– military violence, war crimes, warrior ethics and military masculinity

Political Sociology

Social Psychology

  • Carl-Göran Heidegren – sociological theory (classical and modern), cultural sociology, sociology of knowledge
  • Bo Isenberg – Groups, individualisation, community
  • Katinka Johansen – energy transitions, place attachment (the emotional bond between person and place), change resistance
  • David Wästerfors – Gaming and play; self and society

Sustainability and Consumption


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You can also contact the Sociology of Law Department concerning topics not listed here.