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Portrait Lisa Eklund. Photo: Emma Lord.

Lisa Eklund

Associate Professor | Senior Lecturer

Portrait Lisa Eklund. Photo: Emma Lord.

Discrimination and Quality of Life Among Marriage-Squeezed Men in Rural China : Unexpected Functions of Structural and Functional Social Support


  • Sasa Wang
  • Xueyan Yang
  • Lisa Eklund

Summary, in English

In rural China, marriage-squeezed men are more likely to experience discrimination than other males. Using data collected from Anhui Province in China on marriage-squeezed men’s quality of life, this study examines the influence of discrimination on the quality of life and the buffering effect of social support among this cohort. The results show that discrimination is a strong stressor, and its negative consequences on marriage-squeezed men’s quality of life are difficult to eliminate, with social support having a limited buffering effect. Meanwhile, structural support and functional support had different functions on quality of life of marriage-squeezed men experiencing discrimination. Whereas structural support had no significant main effect on quality of life, interaction with relatives and neighbors had a buffering effect on the relationship between discrimination and quality of life. In contrast, functional support, particularly from family members, relatives, and neighbors, had positive main effects on quality of life; however, no buffering effect was observed. The findings affirm that discrimination must be addressed as an independent and important factor. Promoting marriage-squeezed men’s social ties outside the family can reduce the damaging effect of discrimination, while future research needs to seek other protective resources to maintain the men’s quality of life.


  • Sociology
  • Centre for Economic Demography
  • Department of Sociology

Publishing year







Social Indicators Research



Document type

Journal article




  • Sociology


  • Marriage-squeezed men
  • Wellbeing
  • Quality of life
  • Social support
  • Discrimination
  • China




  • ISSN: 0303-8300