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Photo of Naja Yndal-Olsen

Naja Yndal-Olsen

Doctoral student

Photo of Naja Yndal-Olsen

Political Veganism? Strategies for Social Change in Times of Environmental Emergencies


  • Naja Yndal-Olsen

Summary, in English

This presentation discusses ways in which veganism can be conceptualized as political participation. What are the political aspects of the increasingly popular practice, which by some is understood as a personal dietary choice, by others a conscious lifestyle, and by still others a part of a broader emancipatory project of multispecies justice? The presentation argues that the rising vegan movement finds itself in an intersection between social movements’ organized collective actions aimed at states or corporations and new lifestyle movements’ individualized consumerist approaches aimed at cultural change. It is discussed what this intersection means for the ways in which the vegan movement, as a growing phenomenon, can be understood in a perspective of strategies for social change.


  • Sociology

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper: abstract


  • Sociology

Conference name

PhD Conference on Sustainable Development

Conference date

2021-09-30 - 2021-10-01

Conference place

Lund, Sweden