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Brown Bag Seminar on ongoing research

Lunch Seminars at the Department of Sociology.

Come listen to ongoing sociology research!


Time: 12:05–13:00

Place: Conference room 1, 3rd floor (G:335).

Each presenter talks for about half an hour, followed by discusson. Feel free to bring your lunch!


Spring 2019

The following seminars are open to the public.



Henriette Frees Esholdt:

“Helt vanlig tjej”: Första hand narrativ från svensk kvinnlig Syrienresenär.



Allison Gerber:

Knowledge and attention.



Natalia Neshevets:

New Sacred Architecture in Ukraine: political-economy of taste.



Ron Eyerman:

The trauma of decolonization a comparative study.



David Wästerfors:

Some words on Kenneth Liberman's book "More studies in ethnomethodology" -- and why I can't get these ethno-methods out of my mind (or projects).



Pricilla Solano:

Reconceiving Hospitality as a Humanitarian Act: A Case Study of Civil Society and International Actors Hosting Newly Arrived Migrants and Refugees.



Christopher Swader:

Theorizing 'the loneliness economy'.



Sara Eldén och Terese Anving:

Intergenerational care in Sweden. A study of relationships, commitments, and practices of care in everyday family life.



Mimmi Barmark:

Work less, live more? Voluntary part-time work and consequences for health, well-being and life satisfaction.



Magnus Ring

Veronika Burcar Alm

Susanne Boethius

Abdulhadi Khalaf





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