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Environmental Sociology (EnvSoc)

Focusing on the relationship between society and the environment

In this research environment we explore the many ways in which societal elements influence the environment and, vice versa, how environmental conditions affect society. We are interested in the interplay between social, economic, and cultural factors and their influence on environmental policy and outcomes.

We make use of various research perspectives, reflecting the research interests of our group members related to environmental issues. The interaction between social systems and the physical environment is the starting point for our discussions, and we pay particular attention to how different environmental conditions, including climate change, affect societal structures.

Our discussions cover analytical themes such as the impact of environmental issues on economic growth and social justice, dynamics within environmental movements, sociotechnical innovations, and the relationship between consumption patterns and everyday life. We also examine the interaction between humans and other species. At times we structure the group's activities around sectoral themes, such as food production, tourism, energy, water management, urban life, animal rights, biodiversity, and climate change. Through this approach, we can identify and delve into specific sociological issues that arise when these various themes intersect.

We welcome a broad range of researcher identities, including those who do not define themselves as sociologists. EnvSoc-members are more often characterized by interdisciplinarity and a focus on human-environment relationships. We prioritize intellectual openness, meaning non-dogmatic and inclusive interaction where different perspectives are genuinely welcomed.

EnvSoc meetings are held approximately once a month, usually around lunchtime. These meetings provide participants with the opportunity to engage in various activities, including workshops, discussions on scientific articles, and feedback sessions on research drafts.


Sara Skarp and Mikael Klintman
Sara [dot] skarp [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se, mikael [dot] klintman [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se (mikael[dot]klintman[at]soc[dot]lu[dot]se)

Selected Projects

Examples of ongoing projects linked to the group.

Selected Publications

Engagement and Inquiries

We invite junior and senior colleagues interested in EnvSoc’s work to contact us. There are multiple ways to engage with us, such as joining our mailing list, presenting research, or participating in environmental sociology conferences.