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Cultural Space

Focusing on the role of cultural structures in understanding and explaining the interrelation of differences and similarities that express, and make possible, the mobilization of social groups, identities, and hierarchies.

The research environment Cultural Space is centered on the notion of cultural structures as a dimensional thread that runs through every conceivable social form. More specifically, its research focus is on examining the formulas of classification, representation and interpretation through which objects—both human and nonhuman—and actions are performed, experienced, felt, ordered, and made sense of. Accordingly, the “cultural” is best understood as an adjective rather than as a noun—a contrastive force, rather than something out there that can be grasped physically or metaphysically. The cultural is not a thing or a dependent variable to be studied, but rather the interrelation of differences and similarities that express, or construct, the mobilization of social groups, identities, hierarchies, etc. through representations and analogies that form an intricate structure of interrelated meanings.

Cultural Space includes research on subcultures, social movements, war, film and art production, authenticity, intellectuals, DIY, youth, the acquisition of knowledge and skills, yet also research on theoretical and methodological aspects in relation to time, space and meaning.

The environment has as its fundament the seminar series Cultural Space that, from its beginnings in 2011, has had an interdisciplinary approach that pays heed to the significant work in anthropology, cultural geography, sociology of religion, gender studies, etc. that has formed cultural sociology of today.

Cultural Space has a close cooperation with the Center of Cultural Sociology at Yale University, as well as the cultural sociological research environments at Uppsala University and Linnaeus University. Researchers within Cultural Space also work together in joint projects with several regional municipalities, the region of Skåne, as well as regional and national authorities.

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