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SI - Improve your study results through group discussions

Mentor programme at the Department of Sociology

Students gathered round a table.

SI is all about collaborative learning. It stands for Supplemental Instruction and is a valuable complement to the regular teaching. By discussing your course with other students, you will not only understand and learn more, you will have more fun in the process!

The SI programme at the Department of Sociology is organised for English-speaking students, mainly within the Master's Programme in Sociology and the Master's Programme in Cultural Criminology.

Supporting you and helping you achieve more

The purpose of SI is to support you in your studies. SI will help you improve your study resluts and strengthen your achievements regardless of your previous knowledge, experience or background.

Participation is voluntary. If you join a SI mentors group you will meet regularly with the SI leader and other interested participants to discuss the course.

What happens during the meetings?

The meetings are organized and led by the SI-leaders, who are students who have previously studied the current course and completed it with good results. The leaders gather students for the SI-meetings about once a week, just after a lecture. After you join, the SI-meetings are then added to your course schedule.

It is important that the SI leaders have knowledge about the course, but they do not have the same role as the teacher. Their job is to act as conversation leader. Difficult concepts, questions, problems about the course content and literature, and more, can be discussed at the SI meetings.The SI leaders are trained in methods and strategies for SI-discussions and they plan the work, but it is the participating students themselves who set the agenda for the SI meetings.

In order for you as a participant to feel confident in the discussions and exercises, large groups are sometimes divided into smaller groups.





For more information about SI at the Department of Sociology please contact Study Adviser Caroline Spannel Brnelic, studievagledare [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se or learn more about SI on

Si-leaders at the department autumn semester 2020

SI mentor autumn 2020 Filippa Nilsson.

Filippa Nilsson, Master's Programme in Cultural Criminology

SI mentor autumn 2020 Mert Gürbüz.

Mert Gürbüz, Master's Programme in Sociology

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