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Henrik Möller




Främsta forsknings- och undervisningsområden:

  • Qualitative methods
  • Economic anthropology, and sociology
  • New materialism and Object-Oriented Ontology
  • China, Myanmar


Pågående forskning:

My PhD dissertation examines intersections of material, economic and cultural aspects of carving, trade, and consumption of the gemstone jadeite (feicui 翡翠), the highest valued form of jade, in China. The dissertation discusses 1) how jadeite is materially transformed from raw stone to carved jewelry; 2) how jadeite is traded and valued economically in its journey through different locations; and 3) cultural imaginations underpinning the demand for jadeite in contemporary China.

While the dissertation seeks to demonstrate how jadeite is employed to create economic value, and how the material manifests cultural identity and imaginations in contemporary China, some more dire consequences of the jadeite mining and trade in neighboring Myanmar will also be discussed.

Methodologically, the project is based on interviews and ethnographic fieldwork in Myanmar, Thailand, and China. The main bulk of fieldwork has been conducted in the border town of Ruili, situated in the Dehong Prefecture of China’s Yunnan province, neighboring Myanmar’s Shan state. 

My research interests include jade trade, social organization, ethnicity, and economic development in the Sino-Myanmar borderlands, as well as relations between materiality, knowledge, value, authenticity, and identity in China.



  • “Attack of the Burmese Dogs: Ethnicity and Social-Symbolic Order in the Sino-Myanmar Borderlands”. Conference proceeding from the conference Regionalization of Development and the Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Southwest China and Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai University. 2-3 July, 2016. Chongqing University (forthcoming, 2016).
  • “Potentials of Feicui: Indeterminacy and Determination in Human-Jade Interactions in Southwest China”. Special Issue on “Dynamics of Emptiness and Fullness in Contemporary China”. Social Analysis. (forthcoming, 2016).
  • “Louis Vuitton in the Bazaar: Negotiating the Value of Counterfeit Goods in Shanghai’s Xiangyang Market” (with Gard Hopsdahl Hansen). International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. (forthcoming).
  • “En kejser skrev 600 digte om Jade”. Kinabladet, No. 61. (2014). Pp.10-12.
  • “’Rigtige mænd’ på bunden af samfundet”. Kinabladet, No. 52. (2011). Pp. 15-19.
  • Becoming Real Businessmen? Negotiating Huangniu Identities at a Fake Commodity Market in Shanghai. M.Sc. thesis. Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. 172 pages.



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