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Conference Payments

How to pay for the conference you want to attend.
If you want to make sure the payment reaches the supplier in time, please make sure you deliver the below stated information in due time.

Incomplete or missing information will prolong the process.


The administrator will need these details from you:

  • Suppliers (accountholders) name and address
  • Any of the following: IBAN/PG/BG/account no. (IBAN needed for payments abroad)
  • Amount or conference fee as stated by the supplier
  • Registration form/e-mail or equivalent
  • Payment deadline
  • Reference no./-text
  • For payments abroad the banks name, city and SWIFT-address is also needed.


The payment itself may take several weekdays to process as it includes many steps. This is mostly because it is a payment to an external part, which in turn increases the demands for control from auditors.



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