Master of Science in Development Studies

Avancerad nivå, 120 hp, Startar HÖST.

Till detta program kan du till exempel välja socialantropologi, pedagogik eller sociologi som huvudämne.

Sök till programmet under perioden oktober - januari. Startar hösttermin.

Programmet ges på engelska.

The Master of Science in Development Studies is an interdisciplinary social science master's programme focusing on problems of poverty and human development. It deals with key issues and problems of development as well as different theoretical perspectives to increase the student´s understanding of the preconditions for and content of development.

The objective of the programme is to provide students with the background knowledge and concrete skills to understand, assess and work in development-related fields, whether in direct poverty reduction or in other aspects of social and institutional development. Students will acquire a critical social science approach which prepares them for postgraduate studies as well as to make contributions to sustainable human development in a role such as policy makers, trainers or practitioners, in government agencies, private firms and NGOs.

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