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Welfare Policies and Management Programme


The Master of Science (120 credits) in Welfare Policies and Management provides students with the latest research on the administration and management of welfare services. The programme is based on a comparative approach, highlighting differences and similarities across countries, administrative levels and policy areas, including a European Union perspective.

By combining perspectives from Political Science, Social Work and Sociology the programme provides the students with broad social science based knowledge, while maintaining an in-depth discipline-oriented specialisation. The students specialise through elective courses from the core departments and the department of Economics. The programme offers the possibility of internship, or a term at a university abroad. The programme ends with a Master’s thesis, in which students apply skills acquired in the programme and conduct a research study on their own.


The programme is a collaboration between the Department of Sociology, the Political Science Department and the School of Social Work. Choose your major: sociology, political science, or social work.


Read more details about the programme at The Department of Political Science.


Courses studied at the Department of Sociology

  • Sociology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis in Welfare Policies and Management, 30 credits (WPMM42)
    The course is offered as a compulsory course within the Master of Science Programme (120 credits) in Welfare Policies and Management.


  • Sociology: Internship in Welfare Policies and Management, 15 credits (SOCN15)
    This is an elective course offered to students within the programme Master of Science (120 credits) in Welfare Policies and Management.


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