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Radical shift in Swedish migration policy analysed

Johan Sandberg's article "Beyond Granted Asylum-Labor Market Integration Challenges in Sweden" has been published in the latest issue of SAIS Review, on migration and its consequences.

New collaboration project on urban creativity

Senior lecturer in Sociology Erik Hannerz will co-coordinate a Pufendorf-project about urban creativity together with Peter Bengtsen at the Division of Art History and Visual Studies.

Hundreds of sociologists came to Lund to discuss a divided world

Uzma Kazi writing on white board during the Phd pre-conference mingle. SOCIOLOGIDAGARNA 2018: The Swedish Sociological Association's bi-annual conference titled "Sociology in a Polarized World" took place in Lund last week and was hosted by the Department of Sociology.

Fear of being "left over" turning into moral panic

MARRIAGE AS A NORM AMONG YOUNG ADULTS IN CHINA: Lisa Eklund has published the chapter "The sex ratio question and the unfolding of a moral panic? Notions of power, choice and self in mate selection among women and men in higher education in China" in the book Scarce women and surplus men in China and India.

Contradictions of private schools in China

EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH: Chinese private schools may come across as a contradictory phenomenon: An authoritarian and officially socialist government needs to rely on education as an instrument of national unification and ideological control. So why would they allow for private schools and profit-making in the educational sector? However, far-reaching privatisation processes have been shaping the Chinese economy and society since the 1990s, so one might equally wonder why these privatisation processes would not include the educational sector.

Is society reachable for all?

NEW PROJECT investigates promises of accessibility for persons with disabilities. Associate Professor David Wästerfors has together with Kristofer Hansson at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences and Hanna Egard at Malmö University, Faculty of Health and Society, received a research grant from FORTE for a project on Accessibility and its Resistance. Everyday deviations from spatial and social practicability for persons with disabilities.

Primary school teacher's illness caused by work

HETZLER GIVES TALK IN GOTHENBURG ON WAR AT WORK. Professor Antoinette Hetzler is invited to the Working life/Welfare seminar at the University of Gothenburg on 6 February 2018.

Comparing Parental Support in Sweden and Germany

Åsa Lundqvist, Professor at the Department of Sociology has, together with Ilona Ostner, published a comparative study on parental support ‘Parenting and parenting support in Germany and Sweden: Convergence and persistent dissimilarities’, in the Journal of Family Research.

Rebellious Russian Parents in Defense of Traditional Family Values

Social anthropologist Tova Höjdestrand writes about the so-called Parents' Movement is a Russia in the chapter “Nationalism and Civicness in Contemporary Russia: Grassroots Mobilization in Defense of Traditional Family Values” published in the book Rebellious Parents: Parental Movements in Central-Eastern Europe and Russia.

What do Trump's demands of loyalty in the White House mean?

Lisa Flower analyses the emotional regime in the White House in The Conversation: “Donald Trump, loyalty and the ‘emotional regime’ in the White House”.

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