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Why do we not want angry judges?

Jugdes are people not robots and emotions are inevitabably part of their daily life. In The Conversation Lisa Flower gives her view on why the US jugde Brett Kavanaugh is not seen as fit to be a jugde.

Anders Hylmö has defended his thesis

Anders Hylmö at the Department of Sociology has defended his doctoral thesis in sociology ”Disciplined Reasoning. The mainstream-heterodoxy divide and styles of reasoning in Swedish economics” today, 28th September at 10:00 in Eden's auditorium in Lund.

Urban Creativity kicks off with presentation in Lisbon

Erik Hannerz at the Department of Sociology and Peter Bengtsen at the Division of Art History and Visual Studies recently attended the annual Street Art & Urban Creativity Conference in Lisbon, Portual. Here they presented their plans for the upcoming Pufendorf research theme on Urban Creativity.

Gökhan Kaya has defended his thesis

Gökhan Kaya at the Department of Sociology defended his doctoral thesis in sociology ”Aspirations, capital and identity: four studies on the determinants of life chances for young Swedes with an immigrant background”, on 12th September at 14:00 in Stora Algatan's auditorium in Lund.

Challenges for Making Toy Dreams Come True

Mikael Klintman has written a chapter looking at political consumerism in the toy sector in The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism.

Young men refrain from reporting crimes

Anna Rypi, Veronika Burcar Alm and Malin Åkerström have published an article about young male crime victims with an immigrant background in the journal Nordic Social Work Research.

Funding for project on a second side to the refugee crisis

Priscilla Solano has received a three-year grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet VR) for a research project that will study ”a second side to the refugee crisis” - how civil society organisations filled the gaps left by EU national policies and fulfilled refugees’ and migrants’ basic needs: food, a place to stay and legal assistance.

Child rights before gender equality

SWEDISH PARENTING SUPPORT: Lisa Eklund and Åsa Lundqvist, at the Department of Sociology, have published an article in the Journal of Family Studies (12/6).

Radical shift in Swedish migration policy analysed

Johan Sandberg's article "Beyond Granted Asylum-Labor Market Integration Challenges in Sweden" has been published in the latest issue of SAIS Review, on migration and its consequences.

New collaboration project on urban creativity

Senior lecturer in Sociology Erik Hannerz will co-coordinate a Pufendorf-project about urban creativity together with Peter Bengtsen at the Division of Art History and Visual Studies.

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