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Literature and Syllabi

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  • Relevant literature lists are available one month before the start of the course, at the latest.
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Undergraduate courses


@ Feminist Perspectives of Caring Relations and Family Policies, 10 credits (SOCB42)

Sociology: Sociology of Global Development and Sustainability, 30 credits (SOCA26)

International Migration and Development, 15 credits (SOCB27)

Development and Social Welfare Policies, 15 credits (SOCB28)

Master courses

Cultural Criminology:

Theories, Perspectives and Concepts of Cultural Criminology, 15 credits (CCRN01)

Applied Cultural Criminology - Analysis, Organisation and Strategies, 15 credits (CCRN10)

Sociology: Master's (Two years) Thesis in Cultural Criminology, 30 credits (CCRM20)

  • Syllabus CCRM20 (to be updated)
  • No Course Literature

Social Anthropology: Master's (Two years) Thesis in Cultural Criminology, 30 credits (CCRM21)

  • Syllabus CCRM21 (to be updated)
  • No Course Literature

Both Sociology and Social Anthropology:

Ethnography in Social Science, 15 credits (SANN04)


Sociology: Classical and Contemporary Theory, 15 credits (SOCN03)

Sociology: Modern classics, 15 credits (SOCN04)

Methods and Social Analysis, 15 credits (SOCN06)

Sociology: Internship in Welfare Policies and Management, 15 credits (SOCN15)

Social Policy and Welfare Management 15 credits (SOCN17)

Sociology: Master's (Two years) Thesis, 30 credits (SOCM05, previously SOCM04)

Sociology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 15 credits (SOCM06, previously SOCM03)

Sociology: Master (One Year) Thesis, 15 credits (SOCM15, previously SOCM13)

Social Anthropology:

Social Anthropology: Theory and Method Course, 15 credits (SANN03)

Social Anthropology: Modern classics, 15 credits (SANN13)

Social Anthropology: Ethnographic Fieldwork, 15 credits (SANN15, previously SANN14)

  • Syllabus SANN15
  • Course literature is selected in consultation with your teacher.

Social Anthropology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 30 credits (SANM05)

Social Anthropology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 15 credits (SANM06)

Social Anthropology: Master's (One Year) Thesis, 15 credits (SANM15)

Internship for both Sociology and Social Anthropology:

Internship, 15 credits (SOCN20)

Internship, 30 credits (SOCN21)

Internship, 30 credits (SOCN22)

Programme syllabi

Master of Science Programme in Cultural Criminology (SACCR)

Master of Science Programme in Social Anthropology (SASAN)

Master of Science Programme in Sociology (SASCO)