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Quinne project generated publications

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Working Papers


  1. Makó, C. & Illéssy, M. (2015)
    QuInnE Working Paper, No. 1
    Innovation policy review: National and European Experiences
  2. Makó, C., Illéssy, M. & Warhurst, C. (2016)
    QuInnE Working Paper, No. 2
    The Evolution of EU Innovation Policy Relevant to Job Quality and Employment
  3. Erhel, C. & Guergoat-Larivière, M. (2016)
    QuInnE Working Paper, No. 3.
    Innovation and Job Quality Regimes: A Joint Typology for the EU.

  4. Muñoz-de-Bustillo, R., Grande, R. & Fernández-Macías, E. (2017)
    QuInne Working Paper, No. 4.
    An approximation of job quality and innovation using the 3rd European Company Survey.

  5. Muñoz-de-Bustillo, R., Grande, R. & Fernández-Macías, E. (2016)
    QuInne Working Paper, No. 5.
    Innovation and Job Quality. An Initial Exploration.

  6. Jaehrling, K. (ed) et al. (2018)
    QuInnE Working Paper, No. 6
    Virtuous circles between innovations, job quality and employment in Europe? Case study evidence from the manufacturing sector, private and public service sector

  7. Erhel, C. et al.  (2018)
    QuInnE Working Paper, No. 7
    The employment and job quality effects of innovation in France, Germany and Spain: evidence from firm-level data

  8. Gallie, D (2018)
    QuInnE Working Paper No. 8
    Implications for Social Equality

  9. Mofakhami, M (2018)
    Quinne Working Paper No. 9
    Is innovation obsession good news for employees? How newtechnology adoption and work organization practices transform job quality and working conditions
  10. Huzzard, T (2018)
    Quinne Working Paper No. 10
    Stakeholder engagement manual
  11. Warhurst, C., Mathieu, C., Keune, M & Gallie, D. (2018)
    Quinne Working Paper No. 11
    Linking innovation and job quality: Challenges and opportunities for policy and research
  12. Makó, C & Illéssy, M (2018)
    Quinne Working Paper No. 12
    Innovation as an engine for inclusive growth: significant challenges for policy learning on the eve of digitalisation


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