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Research projects

These pages present the department's current research projects, including the doctoral projects.

Current research projects

Recently completed research projects

Current doctoral projects

The department's PhD students are engaged in many interesting doctoral projects which you will find presented on their personal pages below.

Identity Formations of Second-Generation Pakistani Muslims in Sweden
Uzma Kazi

“In Her Own Words”: Understanding women’s experiences with drugs
Oriana Quaglietta

Institutionalized Swedish elderly care during the late 1900
Anton Petersson

In my secret life – an anthropological inquiry into paying for sex
Isabelle Johansson

Intergenerational care in stellar families in Sweden
Linn Alénius Wallin

Opting Out or Missing Out: A Study of Women’s Employment in the Middle East
Jaleh Taheri

Exploring Young People’s Contraceptive Work in Sweden
Marie Larsson

Learning and Earning. Part-Time Work among Upper Secondary School Students in Sweden
Anna Kallos

Sexköpslagens, funktioner och meningar. En etnografi över den svenska sexköpslagen (About Swedish sex work policy and discourse)
Petra Östergren

Social trust among adolescents
Alexander Knutsson

Taking "Love Jihad" Seriously: romantic relationships and violent movement participation
Aube Tollu

The Last Urban Frontier: Commodification of Public Space and the High Line Effect
Elton Chan

The sexuality of asylum: Experiences of Queer Refugees from Iran to and through Turkey
Eda Farsakoglu Hatice

The Urgency to Do Right: On the Bureaucratic Work of Teachers
Freja Morris

Traces of Distinction in Algorithmic Recommender Systems: Spotify and Digital Class Analysis
David Bazan Royuela

Women’s participation in public sphere in Egypt
Imad Rasan

Young adults and consumer credits in Sweden: Making sense of attitudes and practices regarding consumer credits among young adults
Lars Crusefalk

Vegan Activism and New Understandings of Nature in the Anthropocene
Naja Yndal-Olsen