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The Division of Social Anthropology

Social Anthropology is part of The Department of Sociology in Lund.

The world is increasingly characterized by diversity, cultural encounters and changing identities. In order to deal with contemporary challenges, one must be innovative, and the tools of social anthropology make this possible. Anthropologists explore how people's thinking affects their communities and, conversely, how society and culture make people think and act the way they do. Social anthropology concerns the connection between culture and humans as individuals, humans as social beings and humans in a globalized world.


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The Division of Social Anthropology at the Department of Sociology in Lund is currently a relatively small research environment characterised by diversity, curiosity and critical thinking.

Current research spans a broad field including refugee existence and integration, human rights, nationalism, social movements, policy, criminal and political violence, sex work, social stigmatisation as well as museology and visual anthropology.

Courses and programmes

Studying social anthropology will give you an understanding of the difference between people's intentions and their lived practice. You will gain important skills for working with investigations, development work and management in the public sector and non-profit organizations or within marketing, trade and industry. The programmes collaborate with organizations and authorities is an integral part of the training. You will be prepared for work in intercultural communications and will have multicultural competence both nationally and internationally.

We offer both courses and programmes in the field of social anthropology.

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What Jesse says about the Master's Programme in Social Anthropology

Social anthropologists question what seems obvious and explore how cultural norms make people think and act the way they do.


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