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Dark gazes and meeting distress in youth homes

David Wästerfors and Malin Åkerström have each written a chapter concerning youth welfare in the book "Den motspänstiga akademikern" (The Opposing Academic), a volume in honor of Professor Ingrid Sahlin at the School of Social Sciences in Lund. The chapters are Eyes for Violence (David Wästerfors) and Mötesstrider och dokumentkamp i ungdomsvården (Meeting Struggles and Document Distress in Youth Care) (Malin Åkerström).

Pedagogy daring to look beyond a set idea

Mattias Nilsson Sjöberg has just published "To (dare) meet the unexpected - The story of the unruly chair", an essay in Swedish ”Att (våga) möta det oväntade – Historien om den bångstyriga stolen”, in the Norwegian journal on educational studies Norsk pedagogisk tidskrift.

Forest owners’ way of looking at the forest

Ann-Mari Sellerberg has published an article together with Tobias Linné on “The forest as a taskscape: seeing through the good forest owner’s eyes”, in the Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research.

Relationship between management and employees in new textbook about working life

Anders Kjellberg has written a chapter on unions, employers and industrial relations ("Fack, arbetsgivare och industrial relations") in the recently published new edition of the textbook Arbetslivet (Working life), where he writes about how many young people have left unions and about class-based unions in the Nordic countries.

Benefits of study grants in Latin America held back by insufficient political support

Johan Sandberg has, together with Moira Nelson, published a chapter on 'Social Investment in Latin America', in the edited volume The Uses of Social Investment.

Elin Ennerberg has defended her dissertation

Elin Ennerberg defended her dissertation "Destination employment? Contradictions and ambiguities in Swedish labour market policy for newly arrived migrants" today at 13.15 at Stora Algatan 4, Lund.

Carola Aili on backstage accounting in preschool

Carola Aili has together with Lars-Erik Nilsson written an article called "Backstage accounting in preschool: analysing dealing with complaints as ‘rehearsing away’ professional knowledge". The text was recently published in the journal "Ethnography and Education".

Petra Östergren on Swedish prostitution

Petra Östergren has contributed with a chapter on Swedish prostitution policy to the Routledge anthology "Assessing Prostitution Policies in Europe", edited by Jahnsen and Wagenaar.

Annika Capelan Köhler has defended her dissertation

Annika Capelan Köhler defended her dissertation "Fibre Formations: Wool as an anthropological site" today at 10:00 in the auditorium of Eden, Lund.

Shai Mulinari on intersectionality and public health

Shai Mulinari has written, together with the researchers Maria Wemrell, Björn Rönnerstrand, S. V. Subramanian and Juan Merlo, an article on the use of categorical and anti-categorical approaches in studies of population health and US racial/ethnic groupings. The article is called "Categorical and anti-categorical approaches to US racial/ethnic groupings: revisiting the National 2009 H1N1 Flu Survey (NHFS)" and has been published in the journal "Critical Public Health".

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