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Lone Mothers Struggling to Make Ends Meet

PUBLICATION: Doctor of Sociology Terese Anving has published the article “Struggling to Make Ends Meet: Lone Mothers and Intergenerational Support in Sweden” in the journal Studies in the Maternal.

35 million SEK for project on elites in civil society

Sociology Professor Christofer Edling has, together with nine other researchers in sociology, political science, and social work, received a grant of 35 million SEK from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond for the project “Civil society elites? Comparing elite composition, reproduction, integration and contestation in European civil societies”.

How do pharmaceutical companies lobby authorities?

PUBLICATION: Sociology researcher Shai Mulinari investigates, together with Andreas Vilhelmsson, how members of Denmark's pandemic planning committee experienced lobbying efforts by the manufacturer of Tamiflu, the antiviral that was stockpiled before the pandemic of 2009.

Parenting strategies around children’s education in urban East Asia awarded 5 million

A grant of nearly 5 million SEK from Riksbankens jubileumsfond has been awarded to Doctor in Sociology Lisa Eklund, together with Kristina Göransson at the School of Social Work, for the project Parenting strategies around children’s education in urban China, Singapore and South Korea: A comparative ethnographic study.

Many people in China believe jade stimulates life energy

PUBLICATION: PhD Candidate Henrik Möller has published the chapter "Potentials of Feicui: Indeterminacy and Determination in Human-Jade interactions in Southwest China" in the book Emptiness and Fullness. Ethnographies of lack and desire in contemporary China.

Maria Gómez has defended her thesis

Maria Gómez defended her doctoral dissertation in Educational studies ”Teachers' Assessment and gradings Practices in upper secondary Science Classrooms in Sweden. The Teachers' and Students' Perspectives” today at 10 o'clock in Eden's auditorium in Lund.

Lotta Granbom has defended her thesis

Lotta Granbom defended her doctoral dissertation in Social Anthropology ”The Second Wave: The Urak Lawoi after the Tsunami in Thailand” today at 10 o'clock in Kulturens Hörsal, Lund.

Comparing prostitution policies with new typology

Social anthropologist Petra Ostergren has developed a new typology for assessing, evaluating and comparing prostitution policies. This new typology is presented and discussed in 'From Zero-Tolerance to Full Integration: Rethinking Prostitution Policies', a working paper published within the frames of the interdisciplinary research project Demand-side Measures Against Trafficking (DemandAT).

Dark gazes and meeting distress in youth homes

David Wästerfors and Malin Åkerström have each written a chapter concerning youth welfare in the book "Den motspänstiga akademikern" (The Opposing Academic), a volume in honor of Professor Ingrid Sahlin at the School of Social Sciences in Lund. The chapters are Eyes for Violence (David Wästerfors) and Mötesstrider och dokumentkamp i ungdomsvården (Meeting Struggles and Document Distress in Youth Care) (Malin Åkerström).

Pedagogy daring to look beyond a set idea

Mattias Nilsson Sjöberg has just published "To (dare) meet the unexpected - The story of the unruly chair", an essay in Swedish ”Att (våga) möta det oväntade – Historien om den bångstyriga stolen”, in the Norwegian journal on educational studies Norsk pedagogisk tidskrift.

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