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Management's division of tasks

Here you can read about the responsibilities of the Head of Department, Directors of Studies, Internationalisation Officer, Research Officer and the departmental board.

Tasks at the general level

  • Together with the Board, develop guidelines for operations and use of resources
  • Carry out evaluations or ensure that they are made
  • Manage and allocate work tasks
  • Ensure that activities are performed in accordance with the Environmental Code and health and safety legislation
  • Prepare questions for the board and the management team
  • Inter-faculty contacts
  • Represent the department on external visits
  • Planned as well as unplanned visits
  • "Urgent" cases requiring rapid decisions and action
  • Review and processing of mail and e-mails

Responsible for

  • the department's finances
  • the strategic planning of the institution
  • forwarding the development of the department's activities
  • quality development
  • implementation of directives and decisions
  • the handling of referrals
  • monitoring developments in undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • monitoring activities at the department, analysing results and ensuring effective use of resources

Educational matters

  • The approval of international exchanges of students and teachers
  • Review and approve teacher planning (staffing plan)

Ensure that the department

  • follows established guidelines for the relationship between the department and students
  • provides academic and career guidance
  • plans and develops courses in the subject area
  • is represented at the annual subject conference

Relating to the doctoral studies programme

  • With the Director of Studies for Doctoral Studies, implement decisions on the admission of doctoral students
  • Review and approve the funding of doctoral positions
  • Responsible for the supervision of doctoral studies
  • Responsible for the individual study plans of the doctoral programme and their annual follow-up
  • Assists the Director of Studies for Doctoral Studies with ongoing doctoral student issues

Financial matters

  • Responsible for financial planning and monitoring
  • Responsible for developing financial procedures and ensuring that they comply with the rules and procedures in force
  • Supervise the budget and financial statements
  • Sign payment and accounting orders
  • Sign contracts and grant applications

Human resources

  • Staff management
  • Staff development
  • Staff termination
  • Manage staff conflicts
  • Organise staff meetings
  • Plan, conduct and follow up on staff appraisals
  • Participate in salary reviews
  • Handle certain rehabilitation cases
  • Plan for future teaching needs
  • Appointment of doctoral, technical and administrative positions
  • Draw up the crisis management plan
  • Draw up proposals for salary scales
  • Grant holidays, leaves, etc.
  • Develop policies and guidelines on the allotment of hours

Premises and equipment

Responsible for

  • compliance with laws and regulations concerning the external environment and the working environment
  • the election of safety representatives
  • conducting safety inspections
  • order and safety on the department's premises
  • fire protection and drills
  • the planning of rooms and how they are distributed
  • contacts and relations with Akademiska Hus (the landlord)
  • ensuring that the necessary technology and infrastructure are provided
  • the purchase, maintenance, replacement and supplementation of furnishings and equipment, including IT equipment
  • that all staff has the equipment and technical support they need
  • all the department's websites

Matters delegated to the Head of Department to decide on

Research studies

  • Admission to doctoral studies after preparation at the department level. In cases where the Head of Department is the intended supervisor, the decision is made by the Deputy Head of Department.
  • Appointment of principal supervisor and supervisor. In cases where the Head of Department is the intended supervisor, the decision is made by the Deputy Head of Department.
  • Appointment of the Director of Studies for Research Studies
  • Establishment and annual follow-up of the individual study plan

Staff administration

  • Remuneration in the form of fees and hourly rates
  • Extensions of doctoral student positions. The rules for extensions can be found in the Faculty's regulations for doctoral studies. Extensions of doctoral student employment for reasons other than departmental service, illness, parental leave, service in the armed forces or positions in trade unions or student organisations are decided by the Dean.
  • Establishment of working instructions for department staff
  • Proposals for decisions on the appointment of postdoctoral researchers, adjuncts and university lecturers after consideration at the departmental level and in consultation with the chairman of the Academic Appointments Board.

The duties include pedagogical leadership, inclusive pedagogical development, quality development, planning of content and organisation of education.


  • Promotes policies for student, teacher, service relations
  • Promotes development work
  • Follows up on decisions made
  • Provides continuous information
  • Introduces new employees
  • Responsible for pedagogical development and teacher training
  • Proposes and follows up the budget and staff plan
  • Responsible for syllabi to the Department Board
  • Responsible for schedule frameworks
  • Responsible for introduction meetings
  • Decides on credit transfers
  • Responds to letters and referrals
  • Issues certificates

Responsibility for the follow-up of

  • Full year students/achievements
  • Course evaluations

Coordinates information on

  • Course and programme information online
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Bibliographies and schedules
  • The world outside of the university


  • Monitor internationalisation in higher education and disseminate related information within the department
  • Map the international cooperation of different researchers/teachers at the department (the international profile)
  • Ensure that the international profile of the department is maintained (in cooperation with the management)
  • Has delegated responsibility for signing contracts on behalf of the department
  • Monitor various exchange programmes, manage and review applications, communicate with the Division of External Relations (ER), with the International Office (IO) and with individual staff members involved
  • Minor Field Studies (MFS): member of the University's central assessment committee, reviewing applications, liaising with MFS supervisors and MFS students
  • Apply for exchange places/programmes, draft strategic documents for exchanges (in collaboration with ER, IO and collaborators)
  • Incoming guests: organise, communicate, delegate, review (guest list, in collaboration with management and caretaker);
    Incoming teachers: in collaboration with Director of Studies who organises the teaching activities
  • Follow up on decisions made
  • Coordinate information on the websites on international affairs


  • Monitor and follow developments in various research areas and disseminate research-related information within the department
  • Have an overall view of the department's research, applications, research collaboration with other departments, etcetera.
  • Organise annual research days for the department's researchers and doctoral students
  • Coordinate and support the research environments in the department

  • Decides on guidelines for the department's activities and use of resources
  • Monitors the activities of the department, analyses the results and ensures that resources are used efficiently
  • Decides on matters referred to the Department Board

The Department Board have been delegated to decide on

Education on the graduate and postgraduate levels

  • The number of students in programmes and stand-alone courses
  • Deviations from the general rule of guaranteed places on higher education courses
  • Syllabi
  • Appointment of examiners
  • Supplementary admission to courses
  • Deferment of the start of studies
  • Cancellation of courses
  • Credit transfers for previous studies in the subject at other departments in or outside the country
  • Syllabi, syllabus changes and litterature lists are determined by the Department Board. New courses are established by the Faculty Board. Syllabi are established by the Faculty Board.

Research studies

  • Establishment of courses
  • Establishment of syllabi, syllabus changes and litterature lists
  • Whether the higher education pedagogical training is to take the form of a credit-bearing part of the programme or as part of the doctoral student's departmental service
  • Crediting of previous training or professional activity at doctoral level
  • The number of members of the examining committee, three or five