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Work environment and safety

Work environment

According to the Work Environment Act, preventive work environment management must be carried out systematically and be a natural part of all activities at the department. The work covers physical, psychological and social conditions and should lead to an ethical and equal environment in the workplace and study environment. All employees, doctoral students and students have the right to a working and study environment where everyone's integrity, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability are respected.

Council for Work Environment, Gender Equality and Equal Treatment

The Department of Sociology is actively working on issues related to the work environment, gender equality and equal treatment. This work is important for creating a good working environment for students and staff. A joint council is responsible for the preparatory work on the work environment, gender equality and equal treatment.

The Council Members are listed on our external website.

Health and Safety Representatives

Health and Safety Representative at the department:

Student Health and Safety Representative:

  • Julia Rönnbäck Finocchio (julia [dot] ronnback_finocchio [dot] 7082 [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (julia[dot]ronnback_finocchio[dot]7082[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se))


HBTQ-LU is the LGBTQ network for employees at Lund University. The network brings together researchers, teachers, doctoral students and technical and administrative staff from across the university. LGBTQ stands for gay, bi, trans* and queer, but we do not limit ourselves to these categories.

HBTQ-LU's website at


Lund University safety and emergency procedures

Lund University is to be a safe and secure workplace for employees, students and visitors. To achieve this, employees and students are required to follow the security procedures that apply.

On this page, you find relevant safety information for University staff.

Emergency phone numbers and means to report incidents

First Aid and CPR

The following person has completed education and training in first aid and CPR

Floor 1

Susanne Lindberg, room 108
Susanne Boethius, room 119

Floor 2

Britt-Marie Rönn, room 206
Caroline Spannel Brnelic, room 206
Lisa Eklund, room 215
Mimmi Barmark, room 210C

Floor 3

Britt-Marie Johansson, room 314
Bo Isenberg, room 302
Charalambos Demetriou, room 301
Chris Mathieu, room 301
David Wästerfors, room 313
Magnus Ring, room 301
Tova Höjdestrand, room 316
Åsa Lundquist, room 314

Fire safety

In our operations, we carry out active fire safety work where everyone is involved and has the opportunity to make an impact. We work effectively to prevent fires and reduce the consequences of fire incidents. The Head of Department is responsible for fire safety. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Head of Department or the Health and Safety Representatives.

A fire safety inspection is carried out annually in May.