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Malin Åkerström

Malin Åkerström

Professor emerita

Malin Åkerström

Boredom in Meetings


  • Malin Åkerström

Summary, in English

For managers, meetings may be an arena “where the action is”: situations to display competence and moral character. However, others may feel less involved, and meetings may be experienced as nonsense, as meaningless and worthless. A recurring theme in various studies is complaints about meetings, particularly regarding their frequency, their emptiness, and the forced attendance, taking time from what the employees consider their core tasks. In this paper I discuss such experiences: in interviews by retold experiences or stories, in field observations by noticing small talk, by photographs of side-involvement such as meeting scribbles or observing the use of smart phones or laptops during meetings, and other practices of “aways”.


  • Sociology

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper


  • Sociology

Conference name

Gothenburg Meeting Science Symposium

Conference date

2017-05-23 - 2017-05-24

Conference place

Gothenburg, Sweden