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Oriana Quaglietta Bernal awarded honourable teacher prize

Oriana Qualietta Bernal receives the prize on stage.
The Prize was handed out by Rebecka Brorsson, president of The Social Sciences Student Union.

At Lund University's grand annual ceremony, the Student Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Oriana Quaglietta Bernal, Department of Sociology.

Oriana Qualietta Bernal waiting in front of flowers and flags.

Oriana Quaglietta Bernal completed her PhD last year and was surprised that she has already been awarded the prize. At the award ceremony, held at the University’s annual academic ceremony on 26 January, she was joined by a Nobel laureate and a former prime minister, Anne L'Huillier, who received the university's gold medal, and Ingvar Carlsson, who was made an honorary member. Oriana Quaglietta Bernal was one of two teachers awarded this year's teacher prize, the other winner was Patrik Lindskoug, Faculty of Law. This is the second time in just two years that the prize goes to the Department of Sociology, in 2022 Erik Hannerz received the same honour.

It was not obvious that Oriana Quaglietta Bernal would enjoy teaching so much and it was not something she had planned to do. In her speech during the ceremony, she explained the structure of her teaching:

– I give the students a discussion task that they can talk about in small groups, then we talk about what they have said in the whole class. It's an approach that works, but I didn't like it when I was a student myself!

In the students' motivation for the award, Oriana Quaglietta Bernal's ability to create a safe environment, a good discussion climate, exemplify and constantly develop teaching is emphasised.