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Three years of funding for large Nordic collaboration on insecure and informal work

A turquiose digger shifting rubble onto tractor. Photo: Troy Mortier, Unsplash.

The Department of Sociology in Lund will receive three years of funding for a large collaboration project looking at insecure and informal work in the Nordic countries.

Researchers Rasmus Ahlstrand and Sara Eldén, here at the Department of Sociology in Lund are part of the project "Tackling Precarious and Informal Work in the Nordic Countries (PrecaNord)" which has been granted funding within the Future Challenges in the Nordics programme.

This means that Rasmus Ahlstrand will have a three year postdoc position at the Department of Sociology, and that the departmentwill be part of a cross-disciplinary comparative study of insecure and informal work in the Nordic.

Rasmus Ahlstrand is a Doctoral Student here at the Department of Sociology in Lund, and will be defending his thesis on the organisation of work in the Swedish construction industry in February of this year.

Sara Eldén is an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer here at the Department of Sociology in Lund.

More about the project PrecaNord

How sustainable is the Nordic model?

With more and more people having uncertain or informal working conditions, the project Tackling Precarious and Informal Work in the Nordic Countries (PrecaNord) will be looking into how sustainable the Nordic model is considering the changes to the labour market. The project was granted 950,000 euros for four years.

Researchers from the fields of sociology, social anthropology, economics and migration studies from Finland, Sweden and Norway are studying the existence and trends of uncertain and informal work in these countries. The project takes place at the University of Helsinki and the project leader is Associate Professor in Sociology, Lena Näre at the University of Helsinki.
The Future Challenges in the Nordics programme is to benefit society by producing accessible knowledge that can inform citizens and decision makers when they look for ways to face the challenges.

The research programme runs between 2021 and 2027 and is funded by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds minne and The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity.

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