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PhD studies

Postgraduate Studies in Sociology, Social Anthropology and Education

The Department of Sociology at Lund University offers Postgraduate Studies in Sociology, Social Anthropology and Education. Qualifications for Postgraduates comprise four years of studying (240 ECTS).

The minimum requirements for admission is three years of full-time university studies, including a year and a half of full-time studies in the advertised discipline or equivalent.

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Sociology is a discipline analysing social relations and processes ranging from global and historical transformations to everyday relations, life history and formation of identities at an individual level. A broad range of theoretical perspectives are important tools in analysing different social problems and processes. Sociologists carry out research on such diverse topics as gender relations, power relations, social inequalities, ethnic conflicts, youth cultures, mass media, criminology, environment and risk, labour market relations and housing. The methods used are manifold, e.g. comparative analysis, participant observations and text analysis, as well as statistical analysis.

Social Anthropology

Social Anthropology is one of the major internationally recognized basic research social science disciplines. The unifying focus of anthropology is the study of humankind, its history, social structures and cultural forms. The field has historically had a major influence on the other social sciences since several major approaches, structural functionalism, structuralism, structural marxism were elaborated very much within social anthropology.

The department at Lund university has been a significant contributor to what is referred to as historical anthropology, and it has been the center for the development of global systemic anthropology.


Education has increasingly become an important discipline, not only due to its own merits, but also due to its potential for cross-disciplinarity. As interest in learning, competence-building and lifelong learning has come to the fore, interest in understanding the pre-conditions for learning, the structural, individual and group factors that promote learning have gained more relevance. In this broad field different theories and approaches are used. At the Division for Education the primary focus for research is Adult Learning, which broadly defined entails historical, political, individual, class, gender and professional aspects, to name a few of the different perspectives on adult education at the Division for Education.    

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When there is a PhD-position open, you will find information at Lund University's web page for Online Job Vacancies.

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