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Agneta Mallén

Agneta Mallén

Senior Lecturer

Agneta Mallén


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Since 2014, I have worked part-time as a Research and development Coordinator in Malmö municipality. My work in Malmö focuses on forms of collaboration between university and municipality.

Earlier research

Criminality in Nordic Island communities. In 2014-2019, I was a member of the Nordic research working group Kriminalitet, frihedsberøvelse og kontrol i nordiske ø-samfund (Criminality, detention and control in Nordic Island communities) that studied Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Åland Islands. Island communities are seen as special places that both offer their inhabitants a cultural otherness and entail geographical challenges because of isolation. These features also influence on the criminality and fear of crime in island communities. The working group is financed by the Scandinavian Research Council of Criminology.

The working group is also presented on Oslo University’s website

I have been the chair of the Nordic research working group Cybercrime victimization in the Nordic countries in 2017. The aim of the working group was to investigate possibilities for research cooperation on cybercrime victimization in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. The working group was financed by the Scandinavian Research Council of Criminology.

Difficulties in reporting child abuse. How child habilitation staff reason when reporting violence and neglect against children with disabilities.

Security and fear of crime related to issues of victimhood: How safety can be studied with the same factors that are commonly used to analyze fear of crime.