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Brown Bag Seminar on ongoing research

Lunch Seminars at the Department of Sociology.

Tuesdays at 12:00-13:00. The department's lunch seminar series, an informal arena for any kind of research ideas and findings. Each presenter talks for about half an hour, followed by discusson.

Feel free to bring your own lunch.

Spring 2022

April 5th Alexandra Middleton presents a zoomed-out overview of her book-in-progress, The Connector: An Anthropology of Experimental Neuroprosthetic Science and its Bodies and Homes.

April 26th  Lea Fünfschilling presents her ERC project. ENDINGS – Towards a theory of endings in innovation studies.

Maj 3rd  Tobias Olofson presents on the subject Epistemic leaps: Knowledge and uncertainty under temporal distance

Maj 10th  Carl-Göran Heidegren presents on the subject From Left to Right. Moves on the Field of Ideology

May 17th  Hanna Sahlin Lilja on her project proposal Measuring crime and fear of crime: validity, response bias and survey methodology

May 24 Oriana Quaglietta on her project proposal Drug-active women's and non-binary people's experiences with the Swedish CJS

Autumn 2021

28th of September: Shai Mulinari
“Black race”, “Schwarze Hautfarbe”, “Origine africaine”, or “Svart etnicitet”? The absent presence of race in European pharmaceutical regulation

12th of October: Katinka Johansen
The post-normal politics and science of wind power planning ... a Danish case study

16th of November Steven Sampson
Title:  Are you critical enough? The hegemony of the ‘critical’ approach and why it is both boring and dangerous.

30th of November: Sara Eldén, Linn Alsenius Wallin & Terese Anving
Relationality in narratives of Intergenerational care.

14th of December: David Sausdal
Violence as vocation: What is violence if not just an infliction of pain or power but a professional capability?


Magnus Ring

Mikael Klintman

Agneta Mallén

Åsa Lundqvist