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Research projects

These pages present the department's current research projects, including the doctoral projects.

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Please find our current research projects via the menu of this page.

Learn more about our doctoral projects via the doctoral student's personal pages below.


Doctoral projects

The department's PhD students are engaged in many exciting dissertation-projects which you will find presented on their personal pages.

  • Are you a 'good' secular-muslim citizen? The 'muslim' identity as a stubborn floating lump in the melting pot of Swedish intergration - Kazi, Uzma
  • Conceptions and trade of Burmese Jadeite in Southwest China - Möller, Henrik
  • Conventions, cleanliness and resource consumption in everyday life - Jack, Tullia
  • Cooperation in the Baltic Sea area: “Border police culture” in the making - Yakhlef, Sophia
  • Diagnosens janusansikte: en poststrukturell läsning av diagnosen adhd - Nilsson Sjöberg, Mattias
  • Vetenskapliga stilar i svensk nationalekonomi - Hylmö, Anders
  • Ethnic segregation and social capital in Sweden - Kaya, Gökhan
  • Hemmavarande partners erfarenheter i samband med partners tjänstgöring som svensk utlandssoldat - Nilsson, David
  • Implementation of social sustainability - Nilsen, Maria
  • Patchwork policy making? The reawakening of labour migration policy and the rights of migrant workers in Sweden after 2008 - Hemmaty, Mona
  • Paying for sexual services – cients, moral and culpability - Johansson, Isabelle
  • “Sexköpslagens, funktioner och meningar.” En etnografi över den svenska sexköpslagen - Östergren, Petra
  • Socialmålen och den svenska rättskulturen - Abelin, Matthis
  • Subcontracted migrant workers - Precarious labour in a flexible labour market - Ahlstrand, Rasmus
  • The intersubjectivity of loyalty: how defence lawyers construct loyalty - Flower, Lisa
  • The (Re)shaping of (In)visible ‘Subjects’. The Politics of Humanitarianism in Shelters for Undocumented Transmigrants in Mexico - Solano, Priscilla
  • The sexuality of asylum: asylum seeking and migratory experiences of iranian queer refugees in Turkey - Farsakoglu Hatice, Eda
  • Teachers in multicultural settings: teaching and learning in China’s ethnic minority areas - Wang, Wei
  • Top-down modernization: rural everyday life and state agricultural policy in post-genocide Rwanda - Berglund, Anna
  • Women’s participation in public sphere in Egypt - Rasan, Imad
  • Quantified self, qualified self: electronic self-monitoring in everyday life - Fraser Berndtsson, Mary
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