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Research projects

These pages present the department's current research projects, including the doctoral projects.

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Current research projects

Current doctoral projects

The department's PhD students are engaged in many interesting doctoral projects which you will find presented on their personal pages below.

  • A Swedish Dilemma: The case of sickness cash benefits
    Abelin, Matthias
  • Cleanliness conventions in Sweden - a case of inconspicuous consumption?
    Jack, Tullia
  • Doing Good and Being Good Under the Influence of policy: an investigation of teachers’ ethical subjectivities
    Freja Morris
  • Dynamics of labour and organisation in the Swedish construction industry
    Rasmus Ahlstrand
  • Education and ethnicity in China: Academic discussions, teacher education and local practices
    Wang, Wei
  • Finding the Way: Migrants, Immigration Status Changes and Swedish Migration Policy Turns after 2008
    Hemmaty, Mona
  • Fostran, psykopatologi och diagnosen ADHD
    Nilsson Sjöberg, Mattias
  • Identity Formations of Second-Generation Pakistani Muslims in Sweden
    Kazi, Uzma
  • In her own words: Searching for meaning in women’s involvement in drug dealing
    Quaglietta, Oriana
  • Jade Prism: Domains and Indeterminacy in Chinese Carving, Trade and Use of Burmese Jadeite
    Möller, Henrik
  • Meaning, Identity, and (Political) Participation in the Radical Left
    Flaherty, Colm
  • In my secret life – an anthropological inquiry into paying for sex
    Johansson, Isabelle
  • Opting Out or Missing Out: A Study of Women’s Employment in the Middle East
    Taheri, Jaleh
  • Pasts, Presents, Futures: Exploring Young People’s Contraceptive Work in Sweden
    Marie Larsson
  • Performing Loyalty: The emotional interactions of defence lawyers in Swedish criminal trials
    Flower, Lisa
  • “Sexköpslagens, funktioner och meningar.” En etnografi över den svenska sexköpslagen
     Östergren, Petra
  • The Last Urban Frontier: Commodification of Public Space and the High Line Effect
    Elton Chan
  • The sexuality of asylum: Experiences of Queer Refugees from Iran to and through Turkey
    Farsakoglu Hatice, Eda
  • Top-down modernization: rural everyday life and state agricultural policy in post-genocide Rwanda
    Berglund, Anna
  • United agents: community of practice within border policing in the Baltic Sea area
    Yakhlef, Sophia
  • Women’s participation in public sphere in Egypt
    Rasan, Imad
  • Quantified self, qualified self: electronic self-monitoring in everyday life
    Fraser Berndtsson, Mary
  • Young adults and consumer credits in Sweden: Making sense of attitudes and practices regarding consumer credits among young adults
    Lars Crusefalk


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