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David Wästerfors



I work 25 percent as Director of doctoral studies at the department.

Main research and teaching areas

  • interactionism
  • qualitative methods
  • criminology

Current research and teaching

  • Research: interactionism, ethnography, narrative analysis, social constructionism, ethnomethodology, criminology, social psychology, medical sociology, sociology of conflict, sociology of gift and corruption, sociology of play, cultural sociology, qualitative methodology, studies of youth culture and total institutions.
  • Teaching: criminology, social psychology, sociological theory, qualitative methods, supervisor for undergraduates and PhD students

I especially like research that is theoretically surprising and captures glimpses of real life. 





Retrieved from Lund University's publications database



Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

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E-mail: david [dot] wasterfors [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer


+46 46 222 82 03



Director of third cycle studies

Department of Sociology


David Wästerfors is a sociologist and writer with rich experience of fieldwork and analysis.

His graduate studies (and studies in journalism) took place at Lund University but also at UCLA, University of California Los Angeles, where he studied Self and Society (with Jack Katz and Jeffrey Prager) and Aesthetic Anthropology (with Maureen Mahon).

Research projects

1. Violence: its foreground and background. Sequential and institutional analyses of violent incidents in youth care (funded by the National Board of Institutional Care in Sweden)

2. Participation and digital arenas. An ethnographic study of how TV and computer games may strengthen social participation (with Kristofer Hansson, funded by 'Forskningsplattformen för Handikappvetenskap')

Minor projects:

  • Screen time. Analyses of the social employment of digital screens in youth care institutions and in families (with Sara Eldén and Terese Anving)

  • School sabotage. Continuing analyses of school work in youth care.

  • Violence -- the concept and its theories

  • Illegal work as commitment. A study of illegal Polish workers in Sweden (with help by Joanna Norberg)

Peer reviewed articles

external reviewer and discussant

I have been opponent (external reviewer and discussant) at the following defences: Susanne Liljeholm Hansson 2014 (Gothenburg), Lars Fynbo 2013 (Copenhagen), Sara Uhnoo 2011 (Gothenburg)

…and at the following final seminars: Christopher Martin 2019 (Lund), Berit Prack 2016 (Halmstad), Ana Maria Vargas Falla 2016 (Lund), Sofia Enell 2015 (Växjö), Zulmir Bečević 2014 (Linköping), Hilma Holm 2010 (Lund), Weddig Runquist 2009 (Lund), Elizabeth Martinell Barfoed 2008 (Lund).

Department of Sociology
Lund University
Visiting address: Sandgatan 11, House G, Lund
Postal address: Box 114 , SE-221 00 LUND, SWEDEN
Telephone: Student Office +46 46-222 88 44, Lund University Switchboard +46 46-222 00 00

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